"du Bois du Héron" GOLDEN RETRIEVER


 Welcome to the website of my "family" !

My name is Vicky, (clic to vision your guide) Laszlo-Vicky du Bois du Héron or "Victor" when being naughty. I am the mummy of all this family which I would like to introduce to you.

I am 15 years old, and have seen many of my kind come and go at home. With the family constantly growing, places on sofas or armchairs become very rare and precious!!...

 It is back in 1974 that our "masters" Christiane & Jean-Pierre, fell in love with our breed, the Golden Retriever, and they have been dreaming on ever since.

The very first intruders were Vido du Ry de Barsy, Youcca, Julie...Generations then followed one another, Bryonne and Buggy du Bois du Héron, Kroonkennel's Dess(Bess to her intimate friends), Kroonkennel's Emily (my mother), Kroonkennel's Freeway.

Then came Grouchy, the first of our family who have crossed the channel (by boat, of course), in order to bring new bloodlines to our family.

He, apparently, was very keen on working and on ladies, too - what a "boss" he was! Freeway is supposed to have been his favourite, two real flirts.

I was not born then, but my mummy, Emily, told me. I think she may have been a little jealous!

Pffffttt, all these old stories have worn me out, I shall make a little nap, come back next week, and I will tell you the rest.....


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