Kwaadaardige of steekgrage bijen.

Every one has already heard about attacking bees and the killer bees in the United States.
Bees in their normal behaviour will never or almost never attack or sting without a reason.
These last years a lot of selecting has been going on non aggressive and good bees (queens).
So they have been given a name: Carnica and Buckfast bees.
My bees belong to the carnica race originating from the south of the Alps. In our regions these bees are selected for their calm and good behaviour.
The purpose of this selection is to produce calm bees and with the ability to produce lots of honey.
Mr. Renson in the area of Liège has been growing bee queens for several years. The young queens are artificially inseminated to avoid that they mate
with more aggressive drones.
Less then 2 meters from my backdoor, there are a lot of lavender scrubs very frequently visited by the bees. Not one has been unfriendly to me!
A little further I provided some space for borage. The bees are very fond of this plant.
I have to go passed those plants several times a day. Not once they bothered me.
Of course they hate perfumes and aftershaves. They attract bees.



We hope this information was interesting enough to have learnt something.
Before I became a beekeeper I had no idea what was going on in bee world.
By coincidence I came in possession of some hives and in May of the same year a colleague beekeeper offered me my first bees.
Since then I haven’t pitied myself for one minute. Every time this little community fascinates me. Bees act according to the seasons and weather circumstances. One thing I know for sure, they are very well organised to get their winter supplies in time and to survive the winter, better organised then most companies.
For more information feel free to contact me or to pay a visit.


BulletGolden rule: trust and respect nature and you will be rewarded. Bullet