The honey.

First of all there is of course Honey.
Since ages used for several diseases. Who doesn’t know tee or milk with honey?
What probably most people don’t know is that honey must be raw to experience the beneficial influence.
Above 40°C, honey looses its power and the only thing that remains is an expensive sweetener.
Some imported honey has been heated till 200 °C and then poured into jars.

The strength of that honey is completed gone! This kind of honey will never set and always remain fluid.
The only kind of honey that never sets is Acacia. A lot of people are hard to convince why and how honey becomes and remains liquid.
Belgian honey (polyfloral) is always a mix of blossoms and almost never of a specific flower because extended fields or areas with the same flower
do not exist.
So Belgian honey will always set and is does not remain liquid.
In some countries uncut honey combs are offered. This is honey which is still sealed in wax combs. It is eaten as chewing gum.
If some one suffers from stomach ulcers it is advised to swallow even the wax. A real delicacy for the real honey lovers.
To enjoy the beneficial effect from honey, some one should eat honey on a regular basis and not only when the disease already exists.
It would take too long to experience the beneficial effect.
Did you know that “real virgin” honey can be used to treat burns? “Real” means honey without any sugar added. The kind of honey the bees collect
and as we harvest it. “Virgin” means not heated.


We didn’t mention yet that bees not only collect nectar to make honey but also pollen.
Pollen is the male seeds of the flowers that stick to the stamen. It serves as food for the larvae. The beekeeper can harvest a small quantity of pollen with a pollen trap. This trap is a perforated metal grid with a pellet collection container placed before the entrance of the hive.
The bees try to get back inside the hive, but this is hard with pollen at their paws.
The pollen is dropped into the container. The harvest is very limited because the bees need the pollen very hard to feed the lava.
Pollen contains vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. Pollen is beneficial for the recovering, depressed and elderly, diabetics, but also for those
who need to do some hard physical and psychological efforts.
When pollen is collected from the same area some one lives in, it can be used to ease hay fever.
Also here the same rule should apply: take pollen especially as a precaution and not only when the disease already exists.


Close-up of a honey comb


Close-up of a queen being born


honey comb
queen being born.