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A lot of people say too soon they have been stung by a bee while mostly it is another insect that causes the pain, for example a wasp.

Did you know for instance that:

Flower A bee gets the pollen and nectar up to 3 km away?

Flower Winter bees live from late summer till the beginning of May?

Flower Bees do not hibernate like wasps and humblebees do?

Flower Summer bees live only six weeks?


Kind of bees which live together in a swarm or hive.

First of all, there are the female workers.
These are the most numerous and can amount to 50.000 in full summer.
Then there is of course the queen. The most important bee of the hive.
Without her, the colony will not survive.
Then there are the male bees, drones, which are only present from late spring till the end of the summer, while the female workers live only about 6 weeks in the summer.



During the winter, the amount of bees is of course seriously decreased; the drones are not present at all. The drones were chased because they became of no use. The bees gather round the queen during the winter. They form a little ball and they do themselves well on honey which was collected during the spring and summer.
During some warm winter days (12°), some bees risk to go outside. The winter escapades are often fatal for the bees.
Most of them do not come back to the hive; they die of under cooling or by rainfall, showers of hail or snow.
During the winter, the activities in the hive are very limited.