Bees have a communication system. In the early morning some bees fly out and when they come back they tell to other bees where what can be found. Even the distance is communicated. They dance in front of the hive or on the frames inside.
According to their dancing performance (slow, fast, in which direction, the kind of figures they make) the other bees can understand where and what they can find.
How they find their way back to the hive?
Both when they fly away as they return, they use the sun as orientation point.
They can keep in mind striking landscape characteristics. By the changed position of the sun, they must constantly adapt their orientation.
Moreover they must take into account the wind direction and the change of the wind speed.
Compared to that, humanity is still in its infancy.

The Austrian biologist prof.dr. Karl Ritter vonFrisch who died on 12th June 1982, unriddled the dance and received a Nobel price in 1973. 



Bee dance  




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