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Enfin une étude sur la lutherie française

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Etienne Vatelot


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About 600 pages ! More than 500 illustrations !



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History of parisian violin making from 18th century to 1960

in 4 tomes


by Sylvette Milliot

musicologist and cellist



Tome 3 :

- in 2 volumes put in a luxuous case with gilding-





Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume

           and his family :







From the humble provincial artisan

to the great parisian boss





Since twelve years, the musicologist and cellist Sylvette Milliot has begun to write the history of the Parisian violin making: the makers of the 18th century, the Chanot-Chardon, Vuillaume families, Lupot, Gand and Bernardel dynasty...

A great and very interesting work in four volumes with originals documents and an abundant iconography!

The third part (in 2 volumes) of this extraordinary study comes out on this spring 2006.

The text is in French with important English summaries!

Dedicated to a great French violin maker: Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume and his family.

This book (deluxe edition) is a comprehensive work, based on extensive research, made about Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. It includes more than 80 documents (letters, facsimile, family pictures...), numerous photographies of instruments and illustrations. Some of them are originals, from private collections...  

This is the definitive book on a violin maker whose work is among the most sought-after in the world today.

About 600 pages... More than 500 illustrations... In 2 volumes !

Discover Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, a man out of the ordinary !

The editors  Les Amis de la Musique


Was it really necessary to write another book about Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume ? So far had not the exhibitions and symposiums held in 1998 completely covered the matter ? Yes indeed ! However these events were very specialized and analytic and the larger point of view of an historian was still lacking. Moreover, we discovered inedited documents which improved our knowledge about him. So, we decided to write this book which follows a synthetic approach. It shows Vuillaume in his epoch full of political, economic and social revolutions. Then it presents his family still unknown till now. Finally it recalls and explains the important happenings of his human and professional life. We hope the readers will be pleased to rediscover who really was this outstanding man.

                                                   Sylvette Milliot





About 600 pages ! More than 500 illustrations !

In 2 volumes,

put in a luxuous case with gilding

(hand made),

Unpublished documents, important documentation and numerous instruments !


Text in French with important English summaries




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