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A new book, rich in information and iconography about the Parisian violin makers in the XVIIIth Century.

guersanA very interesting book on the parisian violin makers in the XVIIIth century is now available ! Violin makers, violinists and people who love the violin will be delighted to have this book... The Parisian musicologist Sylvette Milliot has written for the Belgium publisher "Les Amis de la musique" the history of violin making in Paris from the XVIIIth century to 1960.

There will be four volumes in this interesting collection. The first volume of this history was dedicated to the Chanot-Chardon Family. This work has created a keen interest among a large public. Here, now, is the second volume, about the Parisian school in the XVIIIth century.

The author has already written a book about this subject which was published in 1970, and is now out of print. In contrast to this earlier publication, this new book is a much larger study of the matter. It contains a vast amount of new unknown documents provided from the French National Archives, numerous illustrations and paintings of the time.

One will find in this book the history of 25 violin makers : Bertrand, Salomon, Guersan, Pierray, Boquay, Renaudin... Till now, more was known about their instruments than their lives. From now on, these men will have nothing hidden from us ! Here is an important book to discover the makers of "Siècle des Lumières" in Paris, their lives and their instruments.

Sylvette Milliot's work is the first major study on this period. This new book is rich in information, often inedit, and in iconography (about 300 photographs of violins, cellos, viols, bows, harps, hurdy-gurdies...).

Tête de viole

Here is the most documented and the most illustrated work on the activity of the "Vieux Paris".

"Here at last is a work about French violin making ! This book fills a gap and will enchant all violin makers, collectors, connoisseurs, experts, musicians and historians..." writes, in the preface, the well-known Parisian violin maker, Etienne Vatelot.

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