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Stradivari, the violin and the golden number

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by  Eric L. Brooks et Jean-André Degrotte

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Through this work, the authors propose a new step to rediscover the mode of planning for the instruments of the violin family. From moulds and drawings of Stradivari exhibited at the Cremona Museum, Eric Brooks and Jean-André Degrotte proceeded to an analysis of all these documents and tried to find out if there was a unique method of planning which could report the work of Stradivari.


By this process, they found the spirit, the philosophic principles and the known geometrical concepts at the time the violin appeared; as well as Stradivari did, this method, adapted to the whole violin, shown that there is an universal instrument of planning which can also supply a frame to the creation.


This universal tool is the geometry issued from the Golden section.


By exceeding the myth which surrounds it, this geometry is perfectly described and allows the most harmonious plans. The authors develop, in a first part, the known philosophic and mathematical concepts and widely common to all artistic disciplines at that time. In a second part, they put it in application to the analysis of moulds and drawings of Stradivari, by demonstrating that with a unique method of planning, we can report his whole work.



By revealing this method, Eric L. Brooks and Jean-André Degrotte also widely answer to the problem posed to every novice stringed-instrument maker who wonders on the whys and wherefores of the plan of a violin, without taking copy on the existing models. This work addresses all the professionals of lutherie avid to acquire a method of plan of their instruments, with a "off-print" including a faithful reproduction of moulds and drawings of Stradivari, accompanied by an explanatory analysis of their plans.


It also addresses to all those who are interested in the Golden Number through the others artistic disciplines.




Comes with 12 graphical studies of 12 moulds of Stradivari reproduced at scale 1/1.

This process of reprint gives the advantage, contrary to the photographies, of being extremely accurate to the original.




Inside the book...


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Version française - french text : cliquez ici  click here

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