Studie, testblok, testplank, testruimte (ongoing since 2011)
Photo of studie, étude, study at Justina M. Barnicke Gallery (10.2013) University of Toronto, Canada. blok

Photo of studie, étude, study at bétonsalon (05.2013) Bétonsalon Paris, France.

Photo of studie, étude, study (croxablox - 01.2013) Croxhapox Ghent, BE

Photo of studie, étude, study (Atelier Hisk - 08.2011) Ghent, BE

This work consists of sculptural elements that are presented on three shelves adjust to the wall by two metal supports.
The totality of these elements constitutes the work study, test block, test shelf, test room. Depending on the space where the work is presented, the shelves and the objects are placed in a way that allows them to relate to the context and the architecture of the space. Each object has a title that attempts to refer to its characteristics. These titles include abbreviations of letters and numbers that refer to some formal and material characteristics. There is an index available that refers to the meaning of the abbreviations of the titles.