The objects from the various still lifes can be recombined into a new still life, as long as the title is adapted correspondingly

Still life with Dippings, Surfaces, Ripple, Drone, The Others & The Rest 2017
Photo of still life with work of Alice De Mont, Elise Eeraerts, Odilon Pain, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek at The Stable (2017), Waregem, BE

Stilleven met de anderen 2015
Photo of Still life at the studio, 2015, Ghent, BE. Plaster and resin plaster objects with pigment, unique pieces. 12x7x11,5cm,12x16,5x16cm,28x10cm,33x6x7cm.
The objects of de andere (the others) link directly to a number of other works, such as the film and exhibition Retroperspectief (2013),
plaaster toestel (2014), stilleven met dempers en henry's fles (2014) and Staf 1 (2015).

Stilleven met dempers en Henry's fles 2014
Photo of still life at Maison Grégoire, 2014, Brussels, BE. Plaster, pigment. 12x7x11,5cm, 12x16,5x16cm, 28x10cm, 33x6x7cm.
As demonstrated by the title, Henry's fles, or ‘bottle’, was an addition to stilleven met dempers. Henry's fles was created during the Round the Corner exhibition held at Maison Grégoire: a modernist house in Brussels designed by famed Belgian architect Henry Van de Velde. According to one of the contractors present in the house during the prospection for the exhibition, a wine bottle was used to round the corners of the interior. The bottle, with its sharp edges, is a play on this contractor’s statement.
Made from plaster, the yellow hues of Henry's fles are a referent to the newly restored beige walls of Maison Grégoire.

(Maison Grégoire, Round the Corner, 2014. Photo © Jonathan De Mont)

Stilleven met steen en steen 2014
Photo of "stone" and stone, a fake stone and a natural stone. Fake stone = Object 0,00000777 2014. 7x6x3cm/Unique. Plaster, paint.
Stilleven met steen en steen contains both a real stone and an artificial one. The natural or ‘real’ stone forms part of the table this object, or this table (2012).
The artificial stone is made out of a chunk of plaster from an object in the objects 0,0 collection (2012).

Stilleven met dempers 2014
Photo of Still life at the studio, 2014, Ghent, BE. Plaster, pigment. 12x7x11,5cm, 12x16,5x16cm, 28x10cm.
The dampers’ shape in the still life is based on the three trumpet dampers from the film Montage met dempers en tegel (2014).

Videostill Montage met dempers en tegel (2014).
een film van Alice De Mont & points to make (versie 14 februari 2014) een compositie van Hans Roels. HD Projection, color, sound, 8 min. The sound score for the film montage met dempers en tegel (montage with dampers and tiling) was created by contemporary composer Hans Roels. This film explores the balance between sound and images. It is made up of footage shot during the sound recording that as subsequently edited to match the music. Montage met dempers en tegel served as the point of departure for the artwork stilleven met dempers (2014), which includes three plaster, imitation dampers that appear in the film.