Miroslav Novak, Subject One
Video still starring Miroslav Novak. Miroslav Novak, Subject One (2016). Single-channel HD projection, color, sound, 17’.

Subject One is the first character expressing itself linguistically. As Object 1 was a first simple attempt for a sculpture, Subject One is a first rough version of a character.
Searching and doubtful, Subject One conducts monologues about the reality in which he exists. This ranges from faded memories, his perception of spaciousness, to a visit of an art exhibition. His discourse is a search for who he is as a character and how he relates to the reality of his setting.

12 poot
Video still starring 12 poot. 12 poot (2012), HDV, color, sound, 12 min.

As indicated by its name, 12poot — both a film title and the name of the character playing the title role — refers to a table-like sculpture with twelve slender legs. This film depicts the demise of the wooden sculpture that is clad in white paper. The sculpture, which was destroyed directly after the film’s creation, has a purely filmic existence. The film is accompanied by a male narrator who directly addresses the sculpture as ‘you’, all the while holding the object responsible for its particular failings and aesthetic flaws.

BPMSK Badpakman Straatkast (October 2008 - June 2010)
Photo portret (variable size) 2010.

Video still starring Bpmsk. Part two of four parts (Bpmsk dying) (2010). Single-channel video projection, color, silent, 4’, loop.

The black rectangle called Badpakman Straatkast represents a character that consists of a two-dimensional digital black rectangle. Bpmsk is represented in a series of 8 small pictures displayed on ceramic. In these pictures he is unable to find his position in the space of the image. The other elements in the pictures prevent him from becoming a constant and stable form. He is searching for his position in relation to other elements around him.

Archivist character (ongoing since 2010)
Video still starring an archivist & Object 1. Retroperspectief (2013). Single-channel HD projection, color, silent, 13’, loop.

Two characters
Video still starring two characters & This Object or This Tabble (2012). Façade, are you the film's character? (2012). Video projection, HDV, color, silent, 9 min., loop.

Video stills starring two characters. Retroperspectief (2013). Single-channel HD projection, color, silent, 13’, loop.