Still life with Dippings, Surfaces, Ripple, Drone, The Others & The Rest, 2017.
With work of Alice De Mont, Elise Eeraerts, Odilon Pain, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

Denkplan (object 0303), 2017
Drawing made out of crushed plaster, from an object part of the sculptural installation Objects 0,0 (2010).
The drone, a participant of the still life, has an active role. At certain moments, the drone will take off and fly around to register the still life. Eventually, the drone sets a course to record and gradually erase denkplan. The rotating propellers create a wind that blows away the crushed plaster drawing so that it is faded away.

Miroslav Novak, Subject One (2016).
Single-channel HD projection, Colour, sound, 17, loop. Video still starring Miroslav Novak