When we started training with our dogs we wanted them to get their degree in obedience. We trained a lot and yes, they got their degree. But then we realized that Pulis are obedient dogs, butÖ itís boring! (Especially for them).

So we started training them for Agility which is a lot more fun. Now they can run and jump and they like it.


The different obstacles in Agility are: Bar jump, Tire jump, Broad jump, A-frame, Dog walk, Seesaw, Weave pole, Open tunnel, Closed tunnel and Pause table. Most of these obstacles are demonstrated below by Toby and Terry.


Terry jumps over the Bar jumpFirst is the Bar jump. The height of the bar is related to the dogs height. There are three classes, pulis are in the middle class. Terry needed to be set on a diet, cause she couldnít get over it.





Toby in the Tire jumpNext is the Tire jump, here shown by Toby. Again, the height is adjusted in relationship to the dogs height. Toby had problems with this obstacle because in the beginning when he was learning it he once hurt himself with it. But now he likes it.




Two Pulik on the Dog walkThe Dog walk is one of the contact obstacles. The dogs must walk on and off the obstacle. If they jumps they loose points. Normally thereís only one dog at a time on it, but Toby and Terry are Pulis, they are not dogs.






Toby on the A-frameThis obstacle is called the A-frame. Itís also a contact obstacle. The grey area is where the dogs need to put their paws on. Toby once climbed it and stayed on top of it instead of coming down. This was even before he started his Agility-career, we were at the time in the middle of an obedience class. Very obedient indeed!








Terry on the SeesawThis is called Seesaw. Terry is moving from the right to the left. She stops to wait for the Seesaw to come down, then sheíll walk off it. If she jumps, she looses points. When we started she was a little afraid of it, and even now sometimes she jumps off it at the side.




Terry runs through the Weave polesHere are the Weave poles. Terry is training, so they are placed sloping. Normally they are straight up. This obstacle was very hard to train, Pulis donít like it. Why weave when you can walk beside it?





  Terry and the Open tunnel   Open tunnel straight


Inside the Open tunnelThis is the Open tunnel. It can be placed straight or with one or two turns. When itís sunny Terry sometimes goes in but doesnít come out. Itís cooler inside.






Down on the Pause tableAnd finally the Pause table. Although this seems simple, itís not. The dog is in full action and than suddenly he has to stop on a table and wait until the sign to continue.






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