Who are our sponsors:

·         Ordinary people like you and me

·         Official bodies (cities, provinces, state)

·         Organizations (service clubs, schools, others)


Responsibilities towards our sponsors:

·         Choosing effective and efficient projects

·         Evaluating and checking the projects

·         Giving correct and complete information

·         Showing the return of their support

·         Continuity of IIMK’s commitment



We welcome your financial support:


Bank: DEXIA – 9100 Sint-Niklaas - Belgium



IIMK account number:

IBAN: BE24 7765 9507 9438

IIMK address:

Ten Hove 36 – BE 3510 KermtBelgium


Information & questions:






Your reasons to sponsor us:


  • Our projects are worth to be sponsored, they are oriented towards self-development.
  • Your contribution can make the difference, it is an investment with permanent results.
  • Give the people the attention they deserve, help them on their way to a better life.


Thank you for your attention and support.


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       Are you celebrating something ? 



An anniversary


A jubilee


A birth


Just like that


“Flowers of happiness are planted by yourself”.  In stead of receiving gifts, you can share your happiness by asking a contribution for our projects.  People have done it already!


Maybe an idea for your a next party gift list?


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   Sponsored walk for the good cause

We invite schools and organizations to reserve their sponsor action for our cause:


We offer you to contribute to the realization of our projects in India.


We will come and talk about the life conditions and the problems of the people on the Indian countryside.  We illustrate how the children live and how the mothers deal with difficult conditions.  We give you ideas on how you can contribute to support them.


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An action for the good cause:


Do you participate a marathon?


Are you a runner?


Are you a biker?


Are you a mountaineer?


Are you a sailor?


Are you a pilgrim?


Let yourself be sponsored for the good cause!

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Dear visitor of this site


Through this website we try to show you how your appreciated support will be devoted.

Your contribution is the necessary condition to keep our commitments.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of questions or pass this site to a friend,

His/Her financial support is also welcome.

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I I M K  -  Instituut voor Indische Moeders en Kinderen

(Institute for Indian Mothers and Children)

Thank you for your cooperation and attention