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Please visit in detail each of our projects. We wish to show you the goals, the activities and the results to be expected of each project as well as the actual situation. We do this by summarizing the quarterly reports which we receive from our partners and by visiting the sites. You find the terminated projects at the left side, comments are added after occasional visits afterwards. Be aware that in India a project-year always starts at April 1st and ends the year after on March 31st.





Our projects have besides a start also an end. Our projects are phased to allow us to define clear goals for each phase. After each phase the decision is made how to go on. In most cases we are going deeper or we are copying it in an adjacent area to keep and to use the experiences. The phases are indicated under the title of each project.


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Terminated Projects


The way it started IICM Project Dr Sujit - South of Kolkata

1989 - 1999

Health Project in Ging Tea Estate - Darjeeling

2000 - 2001

Renovation of Rolep School - East Sikkim

2000 - 2002

School Health Programme - Gangtok, Sikkim

2000 2005

Tubewell project in fishing-villages Kakdwip, Bay of Bengal

2003 2006 2009

Paras Thezum Project Singtam, Sikkim

2000 2004 - 2007 - 2010

Emergency Aid after Earthquake - Gujarat (01-2001)


Emergency Aid after Tsunami - Little Andaman (12-2004)


Emergency Aid after Cyclone AILA (05-2009)


Current Projects


Health & Village Development Project - Mankundu, Kolkata

1999 2004 2009 - 2014

Support Primary School Raidighi, Sunderbans, Kolkata

2000 2005 2009 - 2012

Student sponsoring and tutorials

As from 2000

Health & Village Development Project - Pammanik, Meghalaya

2004 2007 2011 - 2014

School Environment-Health-Sanitation Singtam, Sikkim

2007 - 2012

Water to Development W2D Islands around Kakdwip

2009 2012 - 2015

Prevention and management of malnutrition - Kautala

2010 2013

Village project PAKA (from West to East Pendam)

2010 - 2013

Goatery for Sustainable Livelihood Support to SHG - Lalgola

2010 - 2013







Village Development & Health: Key Elements


      Keys to development are ownership and responsibility

      Pure water and sanitation bring health and hygiene

      Income Generating Programmes (IGP) lead to economic strength

      Micro credit via Self help Groups at reasonable rates


They can take care themselves of their children and their future