Our association consists of volunteers.  They met by coincidence, triggered by a call for help of someone from India who asked: “Can you help me ?






The steering committee:


Ø     Hugo & Frieda Moens–De Waele          


Ø     Willy & Marie-Louise VanderhaegheVerborgh


Ø     Bert & An Robbrecht–De Graef


Information & questions:






Our website manager:   Jan & Lieve De Landtsheer-Van Daele










Please, find below pictures and impressions of our last visits.















Ø      Our India visits

Human Wave : Village project Mankund and School support (Kolkata, West Bengal)


       IITD       : W2D - Water to Development project and Fishing villages Kakdwip, Gulf of Bengal


       KFSC       : Prevention and management of malnutrition


       VHAM     : Village project Pammanik (Meghalaya)


       VHAS      : Village projects Paras Theez and Paka – School Health Education – Rolep (Sikkim)


     WBVHA     :  Goatery project for sustainable livelihood support to SHG (Lalgola, West-Bengal)