Our Approach


Ø      We are working exclusively with Indian organizations to assure the continuity after our departure.  We expect that the people become strongly involved during the execution of the project.  Our support goes to these projects resulting in structured changes.  IIMK’s motto is: “Teach to fish instead of supplying fish”.  Our projects create a framework in which Self Help Groups can grow and flourish and as a result develop themselves and their community.



Ø      We maintain a project-based approach.  This means that we request from our Indian partners a clear description of the project with goals, activities, budget and the expected results.    We follow up the projects by progress reports which we receive quarterly.

Ø      The projects that we fund are limited in time and space.  We commit ourselves for periods of 3 to 5 years.  We limit ourselves to small, yet very concrete projects of which the people can benefit after a short period.  After a few years, the local project-committee is able to manage the project autonomously, possibly with the financial help of Indian funds.

Ø      Ownership and responsibility are very important elements towards sustainable results.  On top of that, the income generated programmes (IGP) assure the families the move from “under the powerty limit (BPL)” to “above powerty limit (APL)” and allow them to take care of their children.  Our intervention comes to the end at this point.

Ø      We work on a voluntary basis and receive never fees nor travelling allowances.  Our visits to India are thus at one’s own expense.  By visiting the project areas and discussing our strategy, new ideas emerge: these can be worked out by our Indian partners.  Vice verse, we get more insight in the local needs and possibilities.  During our visits, we bring our partners together and assure the networking amongst them in order to make sure that the good ideas are copied in the various programmes.



Visiting the project areas … with our partners … in the villages

to discuss … to enjoy … to work























Our support is primarily financial (see also the “Support” section), but this does not release us from our responsibility towards you, dear visitor and sponsor.  Therefore we select those projects which suit the best our mission.  Additionally we try to share with our partners our professional knowledge related to project and budget management in order to maximize the success of the selected projects.  Through frequent internet contacts, reports and site visits, we mutually steer the projects.  Occasionally we visit the terminated projects afterwards to check the sustainability and to meet the people as friends.