CCR RELATED pictures

REM , Best of CD

Platinum award for Centerfield LP/CD

Gold award for Centerfield LP/CD

Gold award for Blue Moon Swamp CD

Gold award for Eye of the Zombie LP/CD

Gold award for Premonition CD

Gold award for CCR's Green River LP

Platinum award for CCR's Bayou Country LP

Gold award for CCR's Cosmo's Factory LP

T-shirt for 2nd International Fanclubday, May 1st 1999

Belgium only Jeronimo single with CCR on picture, not on the record!

Johnny Lee Schell, 1977(John's guitarist in the 90's)

Kustom 200 amp rig as used by John Fogerty, picture by Graham Niven

Karlskoga, Sweden

My son Pieter-Jan

Bob Fogerty, Picture by Lutz Altnorthoff

Tommy Fogerty and the Blue Velvets

Golliwogs 1

Golliwogs 2

Golliwogs 3

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Creedence Clearwater Revival

John Fogerty

Blue Ridge Rangers

Tom Fogerty

Laatste nieuws in het Nederlands!!!