Copyright Peter Raedschelders

Published in 'Surfing Through Hyperspace' , Dr.Pickover, Oxford University Press 1999, pag 108


Butterflies I

A tessellation can be defined as as endless drawing which fills the complete plane just like the tiles in a bathroom which fills a complete wall f.e. with squares or rectangles. But a tessalation can also be made out of recognizable figures such as births, fishes etc.

One can also make tessellation with mathematical limits, such as borderlimits.

"Butterflies" is a tessellation with two kinds of butterflies . The drawing has several limits, a centerlimit, probably a borderlimit but also several limits near to the border. In the center the butterflies become smaller and smaller, but one needs in reality an endless number of butterflies to reach the center. This is called a limit, in this case a centerlimit.

The same is true for the border, to reach the border one needs an endless number of endless small butterfies.

But special are the limits inside the drawing, the closer you look to the border the more limits there are.

The drawing is based on hexagons and triangles which become smaller and smaller. It is possible that this drawing is some kind of "fractal".

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