1) Links to other people making similar or related things:

Andrew Crompton (GB) ****Kelly Houle (USA)**** Makato Nakamura (Japan)

Robert Fathauer (USA)**** David Hop (USA)**** Araki (Japan)

Istvan Orosz(Hungary)****Hans Kuiper (Netherlands)***Jim McNeill(USA)

Ghee Beom Kim (New Zealand) ***Marcin Malinowski (Poland)

Babs Raedschelders (Belgium)***Doly Garcia*** Ken Landry

Jorge Molgora *** Patrick Snels(Netherlands)***Marcinel (Poland)

If you know other people making similar or related things, please inform me.

2) Links to special museums



3) Links to interesting mathematical sites:

Prof Dutch's website (tilings-symmetry-etc)

Geometry Junkyard

The Math Forum

Internet Resources for Science and Mathematics Education

Math Page of Doly Garcia

Introduction to Fractal Geometry Yale University

4) Others

Livewire Puzzles

Chow (Tessellations etc.)

Highland Middle School (Tessellations)

Clifford A. Pickover Graphics in Art and Science

Steve Nelson

Leonardo Magazine (Homage to Escher Gallery)

5) Friends

Minerva Mascots (Collection of Douglas De Mulder)

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