About us

"For the translator thinking like the client is a must so he can link efficiently to the market."

Translation Agency MOTTE is my outlet to deliver various types of translations to companies to guarantee their communication with their clients is smooth and clear.

We use different technologies, old ones and new ones, to work cost-effective flexible.

Thanks to my interest in sciences and technology I first studied maths, and only afterwards languages. As a translator I can combine alle the subjects which I find captivating. It is as important to understand technology and the business world, as to know languages.

I also published some poetry and "boffin literature" like science fiction, which was a good excercise to learn to formulate technical texts in a fluent way.

On my webpages and blogs you can find testimonials of some of my clients, like BTC for chemical subjects, P&O for business texts, Capita for automotive subjects, and Ballon Media for the more frivolous work: comic books.

I maintain my websites and blogs myself. During my math studies I discovered IT. That background helps me to use current translation systems, because all of them apply database management systems, and document formats are very important. And it helps to understand IT safety problems.

The list of testimonials could be longer, but even without signing NDA's I consider discretion to be important. Usually I know early in the production process which new product features my clients want to market, or which changes they want to imply in their business processes. And I don't want them to lose their competitive advantages. After all: their competitors are my competitors too.

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