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Cute bowl

Awa-news was a lousy attempt to become the e-newspaper from Awaken, Nekokawa & Gilles Snowcat. Actually, there wasn't much to say, besides some funny interviews, but for some obscure reasons it was decided to be present on the geek scene, like any average wanker qualifying himself as "blogger" to pretend he has a life.
Awa-news wasn't a bad idea in itself, it was just a bad result in the end.

Who was interviewed in Awa-news?

★ Awa-news n°01, 09/09/2009 Interview: Trustnowan (Trust No 1, Awaken, Moko-Moko Orchestra)

★ Awa-news n°02, 17/09/2009 Interview: Simon Rigot (Narcotic Daffodils)

★ Awa-news n°03, 24/09/2009 Interview: JP (Qurtis, Polar Sun)

★ Awa-news n°04, 01/10/2009 Interview: Ptit Bout (Awaken)

★ Awa-news n°05, 08/10/2009 Interview: Squonk66 (Squonk66
, Moko-Moko Orchestra)

★ Awa-news n°06, 15/10/2009 Interview: Nicozark (Sousbock, Awaken, Moko-Moko Orchestra)

★ Awa-news n°07, 22/10/2009 Interview: Allee Willis (Earth Wind & Fire fame)

★ Awa-news n°08, 29/10/2009 Interview: Stäni Steinbock (Kra)

★ Awa-news n°09, 05/11/2009 Interview: John Sinclair (Uriah Heep, Ozzy, HM Kids)

★ Awa-news n°10, 12/11/2009 Interview: Sebastien Bournier (Sousbock, Awaken
, Moko-Moko Orchestra)

★ Awa-news n°11, 26/11/2009 Interview: Amanyth (Amanyth)

★ Awa-news n°12, 26/11/2009 Interview: Muz (Muz)

★ Awa-news n°13, 03/12/2009 Interview: Kevin Shakey (Kevin Shakey)

★ Awa-news n°14, 10/12/2009 Interview: Marco Mariani (Eirenya
, Moko-Moko Orchestra)

★ Awa-news n°15, 10/12/2009 Interview: Sastien (Tertius
, Moko-Moko Orchestra)

★ Awa-news n°16, 17/12/2009

★ Awa-news n°17, 09/01/2010

★ Awa-news n°18, 21/01/2010

★ AWA-news n°19, 09/09/2010. Interview: Franck Carducci (Matis)

★ AWA-news n°20, 07/10/2010. Interview: Imani Zubeh (Cheryl Lynn band, ...)




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