Chlorine/PVC related federations

The European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers about PVC facts.

Chlorine online of the European federation of chlorine manufacturers, Euro Chlor. With an excellent report: On the Move Towards Sustainable Development

The Chlorine Institute Inc., the federation of chlorine manufacturers in the US, Canada, Mexico and several Central and South American states.

The new South American chlorine association.

The US Chlorine Chemistry Council about chlorine topics.

The Canadian Chlorine Coordinating Committee (C4) has launched a new bilingual (English/French) web site.

The German Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt e.V web site (German), with a list of 60 PVC-recycling firms.

Chloro Amico mio of the Italian chlorine industry, with a very pleasant web site for young people (Italiano).

General plastics federations

The British Plastics Federation with their excellent work 'PVC explained'.

The Italian Plastics Federation.

Chlorine/PVC related consulting firms

The British Harriman Chemsult Web site.

Magazines bringing frequently news on plastics related topics

The American Plastics News on the Web.

The Chemical News and Intelligence (CNI) web site on what happens in the chemical industry.

Specifically for PVC-news:

Chlorine/PVC manufacturers

The Dutch/Swedish multinational where I spend my working hours: Akzo Nobel

The Belgian Solvay Group

The Norwegian Norsk Hydro

The Clorox Company in the US

PVC converters

The UK Ramsay Plastics company

The Canadian/US Plastmo Ltd company


You can find a lot of usefull PVC-related (US) addresses at the Vinyl World

PVC users

The Toy industry on PVC in toys at the Vinyl Toys web site

Students or teachers looking for information?

The Sciene Center gives a lot of information on the good side of chlorine

Chlorine/PVC opposers

The Greenpeace toxics campaign against PVC of Greenpeace International.

Overview of Archive of postings to DIOXIN-L by thread. An anti-PVC and chlorine action forum.

Dioxin homepage. Anti-PVC as a dioxin"source". The Chlorophiles belong to the "Bad guys"

Serious dioxin related information

DIOXIN discussion conference. More for specialists in the field (you need to subscribe).

The Greenfacts organisation gives dioxin information in three levels:

Web sites with good information on environmental issues

Daily information on environmental issues can be found at ENDS Environment Daily. You need to subscribe for a fee per year. Also on Planet Ark, and ENN Daily News, a lot of free daily environmental news can be found.


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Last update: November 21, 2004.

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