Here follows some photo's from our trip to Greenland in the summer 2000. Two weeks were with an organised tour (Greenland Travel tour 1160 for us, tour 1166 for daughter Ann) together with a nice group from Denmark, followed by a few days in a summer hut, two hours by speed boat (four hours with a lot of icebergs!) from the capital Nuuk at the end of one of the arms of the Nuuk fjord.

The South of Greenland, near Narsarsuaq, inland ice comes down by a glacier that breaks into pieces in the fjord water...

Houses in the Capital Nuuk at sunset (10 pm!)

In Nuuk, post for Santa Claus comes from many places
and is put in the largest post box of the world...
Santa Claus' office is next door.

The edge of the inland ice near Kangerlussuaq

One of the only transportation means between "towns", because there are no roads...
And be patient, as delays from a few hours to a few days are possible, depending on weather
conditions and mechanical problems, as well as for planes (only one airfield with radar)
as for helicopters (frequent fogs) and boats...

That is what you see when traveling by boat, besides some whales far away (near Disko bay)...

Beware of the dog sledges (Illulisat)!

dogsled   sled dogs
But in summer, men and dogs are waiting for cooler times...

And that is what you see when you walk near Illulisat: 40 km of icebergs trapped at a 300 m
deep morene but the icebergs are up to 100 m high above water, that means 900 m
under water! Incredible amounts of ice, cracking, colliding, turning upside down...

Illulisat ice
The end of the icefjord near Illulisat: icebergs waiting to be pushed into open sea by others behind them or by wind and tides

iceberg near the coast Illulisat

Iceberg pushed into open sea near the coast of Illulisat

ice fjord end Illulisat

The end of the Illulisat ice fjord seen through the window of an airplane

At the end of the organised tour: a last meal with all Greenlandic specialities...

Greenland landscape

Spectacular Greenland landscape...

And then a few days rest in the middle of nowhere...

Nice, tough walks with in the background, behind a rig, one of the many icefjords...

Navigating back too Nuuk was not easy, as many icefields were floating into the Nuukfjord

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