Stabroek, November 11, 1999.

Dear redaction,

The European Commission, under pressure of Greenpeace, has decided to pose an "urgent" ban on phthalate containing PVC bite rings. This "urgent" ban of these toys, after 40 years of use without any case of problems for babies, children (or even patients who receive phthalates from medical uses) and two years of discussion about a good migration test, is a pure political game that has nothing to do with consumer protection.

Herewith we want to express our severest protest against what Greenpeace said on the VTM (Flemish Television) late last night about phthalate containing PVC toys.
Greenpeace claimed that phthalates are persistent organic materials, while in reality the half life time in nature is only 18 days by biological degradation. Moreover, they said that they had measured the migration of phthalates, but forgot to tell that they (purposefully?) used differing testmethods. [*].
Further, Greenpeace is convicted in The Netherlands by the Advertising Code Commission, because of her adverisement about 'toxic' toys [**].

About the intention of Magda Aelvoet (Minister of Consumer Affairs) to ban all PVC toys with phthalates for children below 3 years old, that is complete nonsense. Observations of children revealed only for 6-12 months of age a high chew and chuck behaviour. Above that age, no risk is to be expected. Phthalate migration of bite rings for babies have been tested by her own administration, where no exceeding of the limits was seen.
On the other hand, high levels of nitrosamines, a known human carcinogen, where found in rubber baby soothers. Obviously no reason to ban all rubber toys.
This is just arbitrary politics, in that way anything can be banned, if an interest group shouts hard enough...


Ferdinand Engelbeen,
Chairman Chlorophiles
Oude Ertbrandstraat 12
B-2940 Stabroek

[*] Zie: Greenpeace uses false tests and Greenpeace tests rejected
[**] Zie: Greenpeace convicted by the RCC (Dutch Advertising Code Commission)


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