Ferdinand Engelbeen 


Chairman Chlorophiles

A short Curriculum Vitae


Born on 15-9-1943 near Antwerp (Flanders, Belgium).
After Technical Highschool, obtained a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Chemistry at the Institute of Technology in Antwerp in 1965.

Was three years sailor (engine room), principally instead of military service and to see something of the world.

After a two-years intermezzo in a Cola bottlery, starting a carrier as Process Engineer in 1970 in the Akzo Nobel Synthetic Resins plant at Bergen-op-Zoom, The Netherlands (50.000 tpa raw materials for paints and inks).
In 1980 changed the interests, later the job, towards the then rapid growing possibilities of process automation, first on laboratory scale. The first plant process line was automated in 1984. In 1988 shifted to the Akzo Nobel plants in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, producing 250.000 tpa of chlorine, 500.000 tpa VCM (monomer for PVC) and 20.000 tpa chlorinated herbicides. Now a Senior Project Engineer Process Automation.

Interested in all kinds of science and techniques, from biochemistry to electronics or from volcanoes to the survival of the birds at the Great Lakes. Long years member of a biological gardeners association (VELT). Also active in politics (several actions against wild urbanising plans of valuable nature), social associations and the municipal council for development of the third world (actions to bring money together for non governemental organisations which have projects in the third world). And you can find me on all manifestations against war and nuclear tests.

Over 30 years married with Rita De Meyer, born June 30,1946, director of an elementary school. Two daughters: Greet, born January 5,1971, now a teacher English, geography and Latin and Ann, born October 20,1973, now a graduated geologist, specialised in marine seismics. Just has finished a Ph.D. work in a team, commissioned by the UN, to find methods for the detection (and destruction) of personal mines, used in Angola, Cambodia and Bosnia.

The start of the Chlorophiles.

About six years ago there was a very negative article in the VELT-magazine about PVC. With the knowledge of that moment, we reacted with a letter, which was published, with some comment beyond the question, from an environmental group.
Because I feel responsible for myself, my neighbours and the next generations, including my own children, I started an investigation about the allegations against chlorine and PVC. We felt from one surprise in another.

Most of the good-willing volunteers in environmental groups don't have any background knowledge about chlorine or PVC. And those who have it, especially in the top of Greenpeace (see Greenpeace and chlorine), are fundamentalists for whom the once started anti-chlorine campaign is more important than truth or even the environment.

During the investigation, we reacted already on wrong statements about PVC and chlorine in newspapers. So did also persons of other factories. We contacted each other, and first met at a demonstration against the Belgian ecotax, which discriminated - without any scientific reason - PVC-bottles for mineral water (see also Life Cycle Analyses of PVC and alternatives). That was the start of the Chlorophiles movement. See Chlorophiles activities.


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