First action at GP-Brussels
Our first action at the Greenpeace-headquarters in Brussels, January1994

The 'Gordel' around Brussels
The sportive 'Gordel' around Brussels for a charity, September 1994

Press conference at Ostend (B)
The Chlorophiles giving a press conference at Ostend (B) about the untruths of Greenpeace on the pollution of the North Sea, October 1994

Santa Claus visits GP-Brussels
Santa Claus, together with the Chlorophiles, visits Greenpeace, december 1994

On September 19, 1996 there was a manifestation of employers and workers unions of the PVC-industry in Düsseldorf (Germany) against the lies told by Greenpeace and others on behalf of a disastrous fire at the airport there. See our Düsseldorf photobook (80 k).

The London Marriot
Action at a Greenpeace "business" conference in the London Marriot about chlorine and PVC,
September 25, 1996.

"Greenocchio" the liar before the London Marriot.

Handing over chlorine defence
British Chlorophiles handing over chlorine defence leaflets at the London Marriot.

Press survey
Lots of comments in the press...

Before the European Parliament
December 8, 1999: Protest against the "urgent" ban of PVC toys with phthalates... before the European Parliament

Before the offices of Prodi
December 8, 1999: Protest at the offices of Prodi...

February 3, 2002: Protest in Antwerp against the advertisement for PVC-free cables
of the new Greenpeace flagschip ("PVC-free, that is stupid")

February 3, 2002: Of course, Greenocchio was also there...

February 3, 2002: But for a matter of life or death and for their actions,
they still use PVC...

February 3, 2002: And a good source of dioxins on board: the barbeque...


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