Inge Spinette and Jan Michiels have been playing piano duets since 1988 and have gradually built up a repertoire ranging from Mozart's sonatas to the latest contemporary works: from four-handed performances on the Tangentenfl¸gel to two electronically transformed pianos in Stochausen's 'Mantra'. Between those two extremes there are so many gems for a 'miniature orchestra' of four hands on one or two keyboards. Karel Goeyvaerts, among others, very much liked their almost romantic interpretation of his serial Sonata for two pianos. György and Márta Kurtág were also very delighted by their playing during a workshop in the Orpheusinstituut (Ghent). They have recorded works by Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Debussy, Bartók (the Sonata for two pianos and percussion with Gert François and Bart Quartier), Goeyvaerts and Kurtág.
A piano duo as a bridge between very divergent styles.