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Inlaadbare .bas en .exe bestanden:
Downloadable .bas and .exe files   
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qbComplex and qbRelaty , see more at tips below ...

Inlaadbare .bas en .exe bestanden: Downloadable .bas and .exe files:

MEET  QB64       

QBasic does not work any longer on its own in a Windows environment.  I've kept the old General remarks and file descriptions almost unchanged below.  
Instead there is now a Windows-compatible version: QB64. Its portal site with download facilities is here:  https://www.portal.qb64.org/. Simply install the software.
    A *.bas program opened in QB64 can be run immediately. QB64 will then create an *.exe file (in its own directory), and run it.  Afterwards the *.exe can also be run on its own.
    It is worth reminding that a QB64 editing or output window can be brought to Full Screen by pushing the keys ALT+ENTER. Using them repeatedly lets you cycle through the modes
    Window  =>  Full Screen  =>  Full Screen interlaced  =>  Full Screen proportional*  =>  Full Screen proportional interlaced  =>  Window
    *proportional = centered and with the screen ratio of a DOS screen (640x480, or 3x2), so that circles and squares get well-proportioned.
I have made adapted QB64 *.bas versions of the programs on this page. I have joined them all together in one *.zip file, which is dowloadable here.
    In many programs the adaptation consists of, or includes, slowing down execution speed to get a smooth animation.
    Look for a (nested) loop "FOR dum = 0 TO 10000 : (FOR dum2 = 0 TO NNN : NEXT dum2 :) NEXT dum" and adapt the limits if too slow or fast yet...
Another zip file with VB (VisualBasic) versions of some of these programs is also available here .
I have also uploaded the *.bas files and the *.exe files into Google Drive. Here are the links for the *.bas directory and the *.exe directory (~75 MB).
   I've also included the VB and Excel files in the *.exe directory.
    An alternative description of this page with individual links to the *.exe files (but without links to the individual code and screenshot zip files) is here.

General remarks

Fysica Physics

code screenshots description


EarthSun Aardezon AardeZon: Weergave van hemelsfeer gezien vanop aarde, en de zonnebanen erop
EarthSun: Rendering of celestial sphere as seen on earth, and of sun paths thereon
Botsing Botsing Botsingen tussen twee deeltjes (elastisch tot absorptie)
Collisions between two particles (elastic thru absorption)

Relateit: Een spoedcursus speciale relativiteit, vanuit meetkundig perspectief, met bewegend beeld
Relaty: Quick course on Special relativity, from a geometric approach, with moving display
see examples at qbRelaty and
notes at MySRT page
Relasee Relasee Hoe relativistische objecten gezien worden is, gegeven de eindige lichtsnelheid, nog wat anders dan hun Lorentzcoördinaten!
Seeing relativistic objects at work is another step beyond the Lorentz transformation ! (given finite light speed)
see examples at qbRelaty and
notes at MySRT page


Lichtklokken als bouwstenen van ruimtetijd.
Light clocks as building blocks of spacetime
see examples at qbRelaty and
notes at MySRT page
paratwin (#My SRT)
Twinty see tips
Een Tweelingparadoxsimulator, Relaty benadering
A Twin Paradox simulator, Relaty- or Lorentz flavoured.
see examples at qbRelaty and
notes at MySRT page
paratwin (#Twinty and Twinsee)
Twinsee see tips
Een Tweelingparadoxsimulator, Relasee benadering
A Twin Paradox simulator, Relasee- or Einstein flavoured.
see examples at qbRelaty and
notes at MySRT page
paratwin (#Twinty and Twinsee)


Twinrev3: A Minkovsky description in the frame(s) of the traveler twin
Twintest: Showing the aging process of the twins
Twinrev3: see at MySRT page paratwin (#TwinRev)
velocity controls "+","-", end=Space
Twintest: see at MySRT page paratwin (#TwinRev)
velocity controls "+","-", end=Space

Wiskunde Maths

code screenshots description tips
Compleks Complex  2D weergave van 4D objecten beantwoordend aan complexe functies Y=F(X)
2D rendering of 4D objects representing complex functions Y=F(X)
 see at   qbComplex
Rationa Rationaa  Het verschil tussen rationaal en irrationaal, als cirkelhoeken
A distinction between rational and irrational, as angles on a circle
Randdist  Randdist Het verschil tussen ogenschijnlijke en echte random-verdelingen
Illustrating the difference between apparent and real random distributions
Planeet Planet Een soort planeetbaan, als een soort fractalgenerator
A planet trajectory of sorts, as a kind of fractal generator
Growth Growth Verscheidene Groei-progs.
Various Growth progs.

door mosachtige vertakking. by moss-like ramification.
SloGro: door aanhechting op een kiem. by attachment to a germ.
ImpaGro: door impact op een kiem. by impact upon a germ.
MigGro: door migratie van een kiem. by migration of a germ.
QuiGro: Snelgroei van een kiem. Quick growth of a germ.
Smoothe Smoothe Afvlakking van een N-polygoon 
Smoothe out an N-polyline
CelAuto CelAuto Pogingen tot CelAutomaten
Tentative cellular automata
CircFrac CircFrac Fractalen vanaf een beginfiguur (eerst een cirkel, maar sindsdien verscheidene), met drie takken, een contractiefactor en een schaalfactor voor de figuur.
Fractals from an initial figure (first a circle, now various), with three branches, a contraction factor and a scale factor for the figure.
Sierpinsky sieve: see parms in menu.

Ani-meer Ani-mate

code screenshots description tips
Worm Worm  Metamorfoses van een wormpje
Metamorphoses of a little worm
Worms Worms Een wereld van twee wormpjes
A world of two worms

When a worm life ends data is written to a "Worms.txt" file. 

FracSpir FracSpir Fractaal onder elkaar duikende spiraalarmen van Brownse lijnen
Spirals of Brownian line arms whirling fractally beneath each other
NEW! with VB-version
RoShrink RoShrink Variaties rond spiralen van elkaar najagende honden
Variations on a spiralling bunch of interhunting hounds
Sondriaa Sondriaa Mondriaa: Mondriaanse tableaus. Mondriaan paintings.
Sondriaa: akoustische Mondrianen. acoustic Mondriaans.
Tapistry Tapijt Gecompileerd in PowerBasic: maak je eigen tapijt design
Compiled in PowerBasic: make your own tapistry design

I had to use a DIM HUGE command here, unavailable in QB.
Data asked for is written to a "Tapistry.txt" file. 

Sterren Sterren Sterretjes zien op je scherm 
Stars and starlets on ya screen
BasiClok BasiClok Een Basic uurwerk ;-)
A Basic Watch ;-)
NEW! with VB-version
Obj-Rot Obj-Rot Een objectrotator, rond een vaste as.
An object rotator, around a fixed axis.
WavePack WavePack Golfpakketjes simuleren door variëren bandwijdte.
Attempt at showing wave packs through varying sample width.

Na-Spel A-Game

code screenshots description tips
Kubo Kubo Als je op het voorgaande af wilt kicken, een soortement spel dus
A game to kick off from previous
Have a feel at the Excel-version, unfinished alas :-o)
Sudoku Sudoku Een sudoku-oplosser
A sudoku-solver
NEW! with Excel-version

The Basic prog attempts to read a "sudotest.txt" file and writes the solution to a "sudoopl.txt" file, in the same dir.
The Excel version offers also a hints and a "library" tab.



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