1. Walk the line

Strait cat strut

21. Copperhead road

Copperhead road

41. Neon moon


2. Back in your arms


22. Wanne dance with you

Wanne dance

42. The man comes around

In zaire

3. Just one time


23. Mexicaanse potpourrie


43. Boat to Liverpool


4. Cabo San Lucas


24. Let your mama go

Go mama go

44. In the shadow of the black

Kicking the ass

5. Lovin'aal night

Wishful thinking

25. Jack link

Speak to the sky

45. steamy window


6. Wave on wave

Wave on wave

26. Jailhouse / creole


46. Sweet sweet smile


7. Never ending song of love


27. My kind of music

You must be joking

47. Red hot salsa


8. Don't you wishe it was true


28. Rose garden

Rose garden

48. The best part of the day


9. Driving my life away

Puch tuch

29. One more last chance

Beethoven's boogie

49. Alabama

Alabama boy

10. Voices of the Highlands


30. Toes


50. Viva la cowboy


11. Like a japanese cowboy


31. The bug

The bug

51. You never can tell


12. The galaway girl


32. These boots are made for walking

Straight cat strut

52. Something in the water


13. Out in California boy


33. Brokeback mountain


53. Fall in love


14. Love and happiness

Loving you

34. Love you too much

Chill factor

54. Blanket on the ground


15. Evry little thing

East coast switch

35. I don't look good naked


55. The last cowboy

Single waltz

16. Designated drinker

Piece of pie

36. High class lady

High class lady

56. Down on the corner


17. I'm a little bit lonely


37. Little old wine drinker

Little old wine drinker

57. Stetson


18. Black coffee

Black coffee

38. Ride the river

Ride the river

58. Anywhere the wind blows


19. Irish stew


39. Drinking days

Drinking days

59. Sacramento


20. Cannibals


40. This is the life

Singin' the song