Jumpers and Eprom types for Zaccaria first generation boards.

Let's be clear about this, the jumpers on the boards are only to define wich type eprom is istalled in position IC1 and IC3. The jumpers are not tied with a type of game!! You can have the impression that the jumpers are in direct relation with a certain game but that is not the case!!

Board type 1B1110

All the game roms must be 2708!! The only exception is when ALL 2708 are replaced by 2716's, or 2732's.. In the board type 1B1110 with no slash afther the last 0 you can use ONLY 2708 or a full set of 2716 /2732 and the full set of 2716/2732's ONLY when the power connector arriving at the board is changed as indicated on my webpages.( Replace the 2708 game roms by 2716's) This brings us to the first rule; You can only use a board type 1B1110 in the games that have 5x 2708's being ; Future World , Shooting the Rapids and Wintersports! When you convert the board 1B1110 to ALL 2716/2732's you stil can not use the board in other games that have a 2K = 2716 game rom in position 1 because there are other changes at the board , the 1B1110 is missing output at pin 9 of CN9 and the output at CN11 pin 3 and 6 is different!!

The jumpers on a 1B1110 board are always to place in the same way, J4 =2/3 J6 = 2/3 and J1 nothing J2 nothing. This is the case when using 2708's or when using a full set of 2716/2732's with the connector CN7 changed, like indicated on my pages " Change these 2708's by 2716's ".

Attention , when using 2732's burn the image twice in the eprom , the first time starting from address 0000 the second time starting from 0800 !!!

The question arises why are the jumpers for ? At first glimpse you think , as i did, they are to put 2716's in position 1 or 3 . This won't work!! pin 19 is always connected to VDD , Pin 19 is address A10 of the 2716 and VDD is 12 volts!! To high to put on an addressline!! Probably the 2716 will widstand the 12 volt but this means that always the upper half of the 2716 is addressed you can not reach what is in the lower addresses!! The only explenation i have is that they made a mistake designing the board , we will see that this mistake was corrected in the following board types where they did put the A10 address jumper on pin 19 instead of pin 21!!

Selection and memory mapping.

Before we can explain the jumper setting on the other boards , we have to look into the selection and memory mapping, this will clearify a great deal of the jumper setting in those boards.

The selection of all the roms is done at IC11 his outputs cover this memory aera's:

Output pin 3 = 0000 to 03FF , pin 14 = 0400 to 07FF , pin 2 = 0800 to 0BFF , pin 15 = 0C00 tot 0FFF , pin 1 1000 to 13FF , pin 6 1400 to 17FF , pin 7 1800 to 1BFF and pin 4 1C00 to 1FFF.

This means that every output covers 1K of memory , to cover 2K memory's ( 2716 = 2k memory where 2708 = 1K ) in some positions, they had to tie two outputs together to reach the complete memory . To make life easy the programmers did not rewrite the common routines , like normal test, visualisation routines ( scores ) and others, but kept these routines that where in game rom 1 and 2 ( 2708 ) and put them together in one 2716 now at position 1. As they had to respect the same addressing for these routines they had to address the first half of the 2716 from 0000 to 03FF and the second half from 0400 to 07FF, and that is what jumper J1 will do , for position 3 the jumper J2 will bring the addresses from 0800 to 0BFF and 0C00 to 0FFF , together covering again 2k to position 3 rom. BUT Zaccaria never used the position 3 for a 2716..The conclusing of this; well.. IC1 ( 2716 ) of the games Hot Wheels, Space Shuttle , Fire mountain, Earth Wind and Fire and Star God, contains the images of the first two game roms ( 2708 ) of the older games like Wintersports, Shooting the Rapids .., In position 3 we always will find a 2708. .. Now up to the real jumpering.

Board type 1B1110/ 0 and 1B1110/1

The two differences between the 1B111/0 and the 1B1110/1 board is that 1B1110/0 is missing the pin9 at CN9 output. This output comes from pin 15 of IC26. For the moment i do not know what that mising pin will do in some 1ste generation games, so i recomment strongly to add this connection on a 1B1110/0 board, that way it can be used again in ALL 1ste generation games !! The second difference is that pin 18 of CN 9 is grounded.

On this boards we have a lot more jumpers, 18 of them.. On this boards in position 2,3, 4 and 5 must ALWAYS be a 2708. In position 1 we can find 2708, or 2716. The 2716 can be substituted by a 2732 , the only reason to use a 2732 is that somethimes these are easier to find , cheaper and as they are completely pin compatible we can use these . The board can run all games of the 1ste generation included these that have 5x 2708. The only exception is the game Locomotion. If the board is changed as indicated on my webpages " Replace the 2708's by 2716's " we can use a full set of 2716 or 2732 and all the Zaccaria games of the first generation with the exception of Locomotion will run on this boards.

The jumpers settings.

Remarque; If we use a full set of 2716 or 2732 the jumpers will be set like for 2708's, BUT the connector CN7 will be adapted as indicated on my pages " Change these 2708's by 2716's " .

I'v never seen a board using the jumpers J11 and J16, the pull-up resistors R69 and R70 are not mounted on the boards...So these are always in the positions J10 and J15. As there is always a 2708 in position 3 we have for this position always, J6 2/3 , J14 2/3 , J2 nothing

2708 in position 1 ( and 4x 2708's in the other positions. )

If there is a 2708 in position 1 , J4 2/3 , J9 2/3 , J1 nothing, J17 1/2, J18 nothing , J2 nothing J6 2/3 , J14 2/3 ,

2716 in position 1 . ( and 4x 2708 in the other positions.)

When a 2716 in position 1 , we have J3 1/2 , J8 2/1 , J1 1/2 , J17 nothing , J18 2/3, J2 nothing , J6 2/3 , J14 2/3..

2732 in position 1. ( and 4x 2708 in the other positions )

We have ; J3 1/2 , J7 2/4, , J1 1/2 , J17 nothing , J18 2/3 , J2 nothing , J6 2/3 , J14 2/3 .

The image must be in the lower portion of the 2732 !!!

The special board 1B1110/1a for Locomotion.

This board has some important changes for the memory mapping, there are two changes on this board compared with a 1B1110/1 board.

On the /1a board , A14 ( pin 18 ) of the cpu ( IC12) is used to set IC39 at his pin 12. And output pin 6 of the selection chip IC11 is added for the selection of game rom 3,( using a direct connection to J2 1 ).

On board /1 , A14 is not used and the set of IC39 is done with output of IC11 pin 6; IC3 can only be addressed for 1K ( 2708) .

The Locomotion game is the only game with 2716 in position 1 and 3. Jumper settings are : For the 2716 in position 1 the same as for board 1B1110/1, for the 2716 in position 3 the jumper setting is; J5 1/2 , J13 1/2 , J2 nothing. ( J2 1 is already connected directly)

For 2732 in position 1 the same settings as a 1B1110/1 board and for a 2732 in posution 3 , J5 1/2 , J12 2/4 , J2 nothing,


A 1B1110/1 board can be converted into a special 1B1110/1a board , just cut the run coming out of pin 6 of IC11 ( component side) solder a wire from pin 6 IC11 to jumper J2 1, and solder a wire between A14 pin 18 IC12 to pin 12 of IC39.

The other way around is possible to, a 1B1110/1a can be converted into a 1B1110/1 type.