Volksempfänger VE 301 DYN

The Volksempfänger (people Radio) VE 301 DYN was manufactured between 1938 and 1944. This example was made Schaleco Radio, is completely revised and in working order. Since 1933, the VE301 was made, the number referred to January 30th, the date the National Socialist regime took power in Germany. The VE301 was made by several manufacturer and costed 76,- RM.

Because less financial strong families could not afford to spend 76,- RM, a cheaper model was introduced in 1938, the DKE1938. (see another article on this website).

The following VE models were produced between 1933 and 1944 :

  • VE301 W, Wechselstrom, between 1933 - 1937
  • VE301 B, Batterie, between 1933 - 1934
  • VE301 B2, Batterie, between 1933 - 1938
  • VE301 G, Gleichstrom, between 1933 - 1937
  • VE301 GW, Gleich- und Wechselstrom, between 1935 - 1938
  • VE301 Wn, Wechselstrom, between 1937 - 1938
  • VE301 Wn dyn, Wechselstrom, between 1938 - 1944
  • VE301 dyn,GW, Gleich- und Wechselstrom, between 1938 - 1944

    The battery and Wechselstrom models were made from a Bakelite chassis, while Gleichstrom models were made from wood.

    The VE 301 Dyn had a new elektrodynamic (therefore the name "dyn") speaker and an improved sound quality compared with earlier VE301 models. Its design was slightly altered as well. The linear scale indicated German broadcast stations and was iluminated.

    The housing and speaker are original and in perfect condition.

    Most internal parts and cabling are still original, including the lamps (Röhren) RGN 1064, RES 164, AF 7

    The internal area is still in perfect condition, without damages or rust, and rare to find in this state.

    VE301 Dyn Instruction manual