Volksempfänger Kleinempfänger DKE 1938

This DKE (Deutscher Kleinempfänger) röhrenradio from 1938, was manufactured by "Stassfurter Rundfunk". It has been fully revised, restored and is in operational condition.

These radios were build between 1938 and 1944. A derived model, the DKE50 was build up to 1950. The German national socialist regime wanted to distribute a low cost radios, so also less financilly strong Germans could also acquire one and could listen to the propaganda broadcast. The radia was nicknamed "Goebbels Schnauze" (Goebbels Beak). The goal was to have a new radio type for half the price (35,- RM) compared with the existing Peoples Radios (like the Volksempfänger VE 301) at the time available.

Initially, the radios were procuced by the Seibt company in berlin, but later also by AEG, Braun, Blaupunkt, Brandt, Emud (Maestling), Eumig, Hagenuck (Nordmark, Neufeld & Kuhnke), Lange, Loewe (Radio A.G.), Lorenz, Mende, Nora, Orion, Owin, Philips, Radione, Reico , Rundfunktechnische Erzeugergemeinschaft (Gemeinschaftserzeugnis), Saba, Sachsenwerk, Schaleco, Schaub, Siemens , Stassfurter Rundfunk, Tefag, Telefunken and Zerdik.

A version operation with batteries (DKE38B) was also manufactured so people without electrical power could listen to the broadcasts as well.

The housing and speaker are original and in perfect condition.

The rear cover is original and has the same manufacturer name and can be seen at the inside chassis of the radio.

A small piece is glued in place which was damaged.

Text :
Zur Beachtung! Dieses Gerät darf nur
für Hörrundfunk-Empfang - Hochfrequenz-
Draht-Hörrundfunk-Empfang einschl. Emp-
fang von E.W.-Rundfunk, Draht-Hörrund-
funk-Endverstärkung beim einzelnen Teil-
nehmer, nichtsynchronisierte Schallplatten-
wiedergabe, Mikrofon-Lautsprecher-Über-
tragung, Hörrundfunk-Empfangsverstärkung
nichtsynchronisiertes Schneiden von Ton-
rollen (ohne Vervielfältigung) benutzt werden.

Röhren: VCL 11-E , VY 2-E

DKE 1938 Instruction manual

Period Photographs

Propaganda was essential for the Nazi ideology and a low cost radio was a means to get propaganda in every house in Germany.

Distribution of the DKE 1938