Hello, I know this is the place everyone goes first. And who can blame you with all the goodies that can usually be found on it ;) Anyway, this page holds 2 things. First there's the extra ATT-packs you'll need to make sure your other breeds keep looking as they should if you download mine (or other people's) breeds. Just unzip those files and put them in your C3/DS 'Body Data' folder.
Secondly there are my new breeds with their own images and genfiles. There's a lot, be it ettins, norns or grendels. Enjoy! And if there are any questions or problems read the FAQ or contact me and I'll try to get back to you.

Extra ATT-packs
Norns  -  Ettins  -  Grendels


Extra ATT Packs


Norns:  .
Ettins:  .
Grendels:  .

Treehugger (norn H), Harlequin (norn O) and Dale (ettin D)
Ettins (ettin A), Mask (ettin J) and Sea (ettin S)
Grendels (grendel A), Banshee (grendel B), Boney (grendel C), Pyrite (grendel G), Mask (grendel J), Dusky (grendel L) and Zwergbunt (grendel M)





Reindeer norns are small adorable creatures with just a tad of ettin inside them. They seem to enjoy the occasional machinery item or gadget to play with. They grow antlers, and the males even get a little red nose at youth!
Slot: Norn R
Download: [Eggfile]



The second part of my holiday-themed breeds. Easter bunnies are lighter than Reindeer, with long ears and fuzzy hair. They share the same genome as the reindeer. I have to warn you that these breed very very quickly.
Slot: Grendel O
Download: [Eggfile]



A collection of 7 Different Genomes using the same images that are based on the small elemental spirits of folklore. You're sure to find one in here to suit your needs and strike your fancy ^_^. Thx to Liam for their hair.
Slot: Ettin Q (micros also available on ettin V, mail)
Download: [Micro], [Macro], [Random Egg], [Extra Att]




Phoenix Norns are firey norns that love to be alone, are generally quiet and can get by on little food and attention. However, they aren't able to breed. In stead they'll be reborn time and time again after you've injected the Rebirth Agent.
Slot: Geat T
Download: [Eggfile] [Rebirth Agent] - Incomplete



Akatoras have a bondi-based genome which was made by Knux. In looks they are dark red with orange-yellow bellies, hands, feet and tails. They have pitch black pointy hair which is riddled with feathers that grow more numerous as they age.
Slot: Grendel D
Download: [Eggfile] [Extra for errors/strangelooking males]



Here we are again. A new Creatures, a new breed of ettins. What is the first thing we at the Universe do? Right! We make Micro Ettins! So here they are little ettins that are in no way different from regular ettins. Just Cuter. (Patch for earlier dls)
Slot: Ettin B
Download: [Eggfile] [Non-DFD Eggfile w/o images]



GitD ettins start out as normal micro ettins, but start to glow faintly as they reach childhood and then grow brighter until they're bright white at adulthood. In old age they dim a little again and grow wings. Also, never put these near/in water!!!
Slot: Ettin G
Download: [Eggfile] [Non-DFD Eggfile w/o images]



Rain ettins are again miniature ettins that have a kind of faded appearance. They are amphibious so can live both on land and in water. They're grey by nature, and aren't that different from normal ettins.
Slot: Ettin R
Download: [Eggfile] [Non-DFD Eggfile w/o images]



Their name sais pretty much what they are. They're ettins, with gender-specific colours (females: pink, males: purple) that have wings on their bodies and feet.The wings on the females change colour to green when they're pregnant.
Slot: Ettin W
Download: [Eggfile] [Non-DFD Eggfile w/o images]



A collaboration breed with Mkid. These ettins are a mix of Civet and Ettin in a bluish-white tinges, while their genome unites ettin and sea ettin genes. The eggfile will hatch a random egg from 7 coloured genomes.
Slot: Ettin F
Download: [Eggfile]



Ever wondered what it would be like to have the perfect ettins? Well now you can, these ettins play with everything in sight, they're social with ettins, norns and grendels, they travel AND! best of all, they're always happy. It's genius.
Slot: Ettin U
Download: [Eggfile]

*Suggestion: Also download the Roamer Agent to get rid of Bacteria when these go wandering*


Loud little critters that live in herds, slap each other and breed! that's all they do!! the slapping is a crucial mating ritual in this breed, so don't be offended by it, they slap out of love. The most common Native Dance is the Egg Shake.
Slot: Grendel E
Download: [Eggfile]



The Maraquan Grendels are a breed of highly affectionate amphibian grendels that just love to push the hand. They are easy to take care off, but they do need attention for them to keep truly happy. They occupy grendel slot W.
Slot: Grendel W
Download: [Eggfile]



Vampyre grendels are dark winged creatures with long black hair that combine the original Vampyre and Zion ideas. They love to play with critters/animals/bugs and are generally friendly... but don't let your norns hit them, they'll hit back!
Slot: Grendel F
Download: [Eggfile] [AgentPack] [Extra ATT patch]