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Oral exam

Oral schedule



Resident listing



Interim exam on APril 9 2019...see below "links"

Oral exam 2019 Saturday june 8, 2019


And 2020 will be on Saturday June 13, 2020


Practical timetable for orthopaedic residents


bulletFirst year : no exam...
bulletSecond year : check with your program director...Beware there is an exam for these junior years with a diploma that you will have to keep and will have to send again at the end of your training to the ministerium !!
bulletThird, fourth, fifth year
Flemish Universities : MANAMA...
French Universities : Check with your University

bulletSixth year : Oral Exam 2019 . This exam is organized by BVOT-SORBCOT . To be able to participate you have to be in a recognized program by the ministerium in Belgium and you need to have passed and succeeded all three written exams or other form of evaluation from your University

Please read the rules !

Please check often for practical updates.
Participation is mandatory for both written and oral exams !!!


For info : presentation about Belgian law in 2014 ...and some details about Europe..exposé sur la loi etc belge et Europe 2014

For Belgium please go read in details "legislation"



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