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GR "Grote Routepaden", shortened to GR, is the organisation that runs the long distance footpaths and bicycle routes in Flanders.

Some 3000 km of footpaths and some 1200 km of cycle routes have been marked off in Flanders. They have been waymarked with white-red, yellow-red or yellow-blue identifying signs. Special knowledge or athletic skills are not required. Everyone may cover the whole distance of a certain path, or part of it, at his or her own speed. To make it even more attractive for every walkway or cycle route a guide has been published.

GR-paths are not just ordinary footpaths. Most other walkways cover a limited distance and are intended for local recreation. What we call GR are walkways signposted over a long distance. They usually run through a whole region or even a country.

In Flanders about 3000 km of GR-footpaths have already been signposted. All those walkways show the hiker every day a new, great variety of landscape and regional character.

LF-routes (long distance cycle routes) are intended for bikers and link destinations over long distances. They run through different regions and offer ample possibilities of accommodation. Enough youth hostels and backpackers' huts can be found along the LF-routes and their number is constantly increasing.


naargrlf.gif (69 bytes) Click here for a general map of the walkways in Belgium.

naargrlf.gif (69 bytes) Click here for a general map of the cycles tracks in Flanders.

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