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Zzino is an internationally respected DJ and with over 30 years of experience it is fair to say he had quite an impact on the rise of electronic dance music. He shared his passion for techno and love for electronic dance music all over the world: Tomorrowland, Dance Valley, Cirque Magique, I Love Techno, Mayday, Nature One, Techno Nation, Kozzmozz, Cherry Moon, La Rocca, Fuse and his residence in Club Silo, Montini and Real, just to name a few.
Zzino has always had a clear mind of what techno should be about and in order to share his vision, he founded Re-load Records in 1993. Re-Load became an internationally respected label after signing some great artists. Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Mould Impression aka Adam Beyer, Felix Da Housecat just to name some artists of the many who released on Zzino's label. Re-Load Records is also known for giving young talents and locals the opportunity to show the world what they are capable of.
Zzino was part of numerous projects and alter egos including Accelerator, Viper, Hyper Pearl, and the Montini Experience, well-known for the track Astrosyn ("My House Is Your House"). The track and its remixes are still being played worldwide by renomated artists.


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  • May 31 @Technopia - Area V Hasselt, Belgium
    Zzino Technophobia
  • October 5 @ Area V Hasselt, Belgium - details later
    Area V

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