This is , at least for the moment, a sort of friends-links page, I will try to expand it as soon as possible...

Seed firms: try and support kokopelli, they have lots of organic grown seeds, and are completely marginalised by the French gouvernement and stupid European laws

Gerhard Bohl in Germany has an amazing seed catalogue, it’s not on the internet, but can be ordered here: Samenarchiv, G.Bohl,  Waldstrasse 40,   90596 Schwanstetten   Germany

Seedsavers organisations:

A few interesting forums:

And off course:

many others will come, these were the ones that I thought of...

Some other, very good ones:

And the most wonderful collection of potatoes, sweet potatoes and Andean tubers:

Some friends (mostly Flemmish):

And a last one is no link, but an excellent magazine: les cahiers du potager bio, it’s in French...