Selen Cup by Elettrocoin's from 1967.

Rare head to head pinball.

Theme is lunar soccer


This is how it looked when I got it


Until now this is only mentioned in Marco Rossignoli's book: " The complete Pinball Book"

Each game you get 10 times a ball, who gets most goals to him loses. Score is a series of lights for each player on a side or the playfield under which the ball is shot into the playfield. On each playfield are 6 flippers, the middle ones however are controlled by your opponent and aim down... Beneath the playfield there are magnets so the ball slows down in front of a flipper and you can have a nice controlled shot...........


I found this game in december 2000, in good condition, however without playfield glass. This is probably the reason why some plastics were damaged or even broken off...


Mechanics were still in very good condition !!





Red squares in the middle are magnets.








Empty and clean playfield



Material to create missing slingshot plastics


Scan on your computer a good plastic. Print it on clear adhesive film for ink-jet printers. Glue this on a hard piece of plastic of the correct thickness. . When glued, spray white paint to the back of the plastic. Cut out with a saw , soften the sides, drill holes and you're done !

In Belgium one can buy the clear, adhesive film in 'Copy-centers' one sheet at the time...(about 1,5$).


Done !!!

Middle is original

Only a light color difference is noticeble..

That's why I make 2, so they're equal,

and the original is spare.........


A long manual is here...........  



Totally done, cleaned, new rubber, ..

all lights are on, now play !!!!!!!!!!!  



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