Ghent (Belgium)


Next to a collection of pinball machines you can find: bingo, boxing game, jackpots, jukeboxes, rifle games, entertainment games like: carrousel-horse, goat, fire truck, Popeye, elephant. Machines with figures, vending machines, viewboxes, chewing gum machines.

Special items like "Shoot the Bear" by Seeburg,

" Mini - Golf " by Williams, a head to head pinball machine.


35mm, 16mm,

8 en super 8mm

This all has been collected over many years....
As hard-ware engineer I spent all my life between mainframe computers, with screwdriver in one hand and a voltmeter in the other, I may say I'm at home between electronical and mechanical items, and this is what all these machines are.. I started this web-site in 2000, to keep me busy in electronics and new developments.....

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