Ets Robert Meyskens

Herbaceous products and Botanicals

Quiévrain, Belgium


Rue du Marais, 140, B-7380, Quiévrain, Belgium.
Fax: +32 65 43 13 19.

Botanical raw materials and derivatives

Our company has been involved for more than 60 years in the production and trade of medicinal botanical products.

We handle more than 400 different botanical raw materials in various presentations and for many different users, namely pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, health food producers, etc.

We ship worldwide.

  We offer among others:
  • a very wide range of herbs for herbalists,
  • some dietetic teas and coffee surrogates,
  • various essential oils,
  • drug extracts (aconite, nux vomica, etc.),
  • African botanical products (cinchona, pygeum, rauwolfia salts, etc.).

We also process botanical products in powder to make tablets and gelules. We are also equipped with dryers, cutters, grinders, roaster,etc.
Please feel free to contact us for any information (details about products, availability, quotes, samples, etc.).


Our complete list of products is available here (contact us for a quote).