MYSTERY SEA 08 | Oöphoi | [The dreams of shells]


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- " I tried to imagine the oniric activity of the shells of an archaic ocean full of strange creatures. Hidden in the depths of this obscure ocean, the shells' dreams reflect the events of this remote sea, and the eternal struggle for life. I focused on slowly mutating sounds and subaquatic drones, and I put subliminal undercurrents in the distance to describe the several layers of the dreams, so a deep listening is required to discover all the secrets of this music."

- Gianluigi Gasparetti, June 2003.


Oöphoi is Gianluigi Gasparetti's main vehicle of expression for distilling deep dark tinted & entrancing ambient of the very best nature...
After captivating works for esteemed labels such as HIC SUNT LEONES, AMPLEXUS, ELECTROSHOCK, SKEAN DHU, NEXTERA, & HYPNOS, he offers here his own version of the "Night-Ocean Drones" aesthetic, having a rather innate empathy for the theme developed by Mystery Sea...

"The dreams of shells" is a breathtaking descent straight to an unknown chasm where small clouds of fine luminescent dust drift away, splitting obscure cold waters, swaying to the sound of cavernous tones...
This is a submarine hidden chorus, an ode of sirens'voices singing ageless chants...
a rain of fragmented glittering particles brushing submerged walls, while golden refractions sleep buried in the fissures...
"The dreams of shells" is a meeting with a resonating radiant world of its own, a long dive in apnea scattered with amazements...


01. cydron
02. kalyx
03. narwal




INCURSION|Richard di Santo
Oöphoi is one Gianluigi Gasparetti, and though he has had a number of releases on labels like Amplexus, Electroshock, Nextera and Hypnos, this is my first encounter with his work. His sound world moves at a desperately slow pace, rich in detail but simple in structure, evocative as good drone music should be, deep as the sea which it attempts to capture, dive into, sail upon. Few things happen on the surface of these long, drifting sonic plates, a touch of light here and there, a small detail... but mostly, it's a long, seemingly static sound environment in which to get lost for a while. By the time you're through, it seems that things have indeed changed from the way they were when you set off. On the vast, open sea, it's a cold wind that blows in your face as you look toward the horizon. It's a lonely place, to be sure, but who's to say you that won't discover something of yourself while there?

SONOMU|Stephen Fruitman
I wonder if Gianluigi Gasparetti isn´t just the most accomplished crafter of True Ambient sound currently practising. Brian Eno has generally gone on to other things, Vidna Obmana has been experimenting (with oft brilliant results) with other worlds of sound, Pete Namlook grew exhausted several years ago. Given the weightless, drifting nature of his previous canon, it is no stretch for Gasparetti, aka Oöphoi, to conjure up the sensation of thousand-fathom depths in line with the Mystery Sea series´ aquatic agenda. The opening track "Cydron" is the most gloriously static of three, while "Kalyx" has a deceptively narrative line - something is being searched for, something impossible to find - and "Narwal" imagines the feeling of listening to a storm from just beneath the surface of the sea, over which resonates a throng of ancient conch blowers calling the sea creatures to mobilize.
Achingly slowly making its way across the floor of some undiscovered sea, discernable only to deep depth microphones, The Dream of Shells is, thanks to Oöphoi and Mystery Sea, a reality for those with ears to hear.


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