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         This little section of the Drew Movie Poster Page is especially made up for all you collectors and Drew completists out there.  Many of Drew's movie poster art has been used for different purposes than the one sheets, ranging from the usual LP covers, book covers to standee's, advertisements, merchandise, etc.... On this page I have some of these pieces up for show.  Like everything on the site they're not for sale, but are just proof that they excist in such a form and are therefor collectable.
Many pieces are very rare indeed, cause let's face it, they may reprint Drew's older one sheets like 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom', they'll never remake let's say the Hot Shot's Darts Board you can find on this page.
         Below you'll also find small pics of posters still missing on the Drew Movie Poster Page.  Most images I found on the net and are here again as proof of what the actual posters look like.  They're too small to be added with the other posters and too good not to be shown at all.
         This section can also use your help.  If any of you has a piece that you feel could be added here, mail it straight to me.  Much chance it will be added here soon.  Thanks!!!
         For now enjoy the pieces below and maybe I'll hear from you soon.
         Joe Namsinh


The Black Bird - Video Cover
Hot Shot's - Part Deux - Darts Game
Sahara - Single
We're Back - A Dinosaur's Story - Standee
Who is Killing the Great Chefs in Europe? - Book Cover


              Also be sure to visit my little appreciation site about Drew.  It's a great taster for things to be found on the sites.


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