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                                                                 New  - last updated October 10 2014

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 Last updated October 10 2014        

               There's a new Drew poster out!  For the movie 'Reach Me'



               Here's a second poster for A Piece of the Action.  It was used for the British Quad poster.

               2 More additions to the site:  there's Drew's lovely piece for the television series:  Being Human.

               I also added the poster for the documentary: Drew - The Man Behind the Poster.  Although it's not a newly created piece, it is an new poster featuring Drew's artwork.

               Finally you can find 3 great uploads:   How To Train Your Dragon 2Mob City and String of the Kite.  Regarding 'How To Train Your Dragon 2': there were 2,000 exclusively numbered and signed prints available.

              It's practically tradition that we get a new Drew poster every time Comic Con comes around.  This  year's gift is Drew's stunning artwork for 'Cowboys and Aliens'.  Indiana Jones, James Bond and aliens, go figure!
              As a big surprise here's Drew's 'The Walking Dead' piece.  Zombies never looked that good!

            Watch the Master create one of his most beloved movie posters!  Completely out off the blue comes this DVD about the making of the original 'Hellboy' poster.  See it's creation from the very start till the finished piece.  Click the link above to see the trailer and further link to order the DVD.  Must do!!!!

            I finally added one of Drew's last ever posters he did.  It's also interesting to read his comments.   Here's Super Capers.

            By now you'll all have heared about Drew Struzan's retirement from illustration.  After 40 years in illustration the man has decided from now on to dedicate his time to his family and his first love: painting. Believe it or not but a painter is what he always wanted to be in the first place.  Now is his time. 
            I want to thank him for all these great posters he has given to the world and all those hours of joy I had upon discovering  new or unknown pieces.  I also want to thank him for his continuing support on anything regarding the sites.  During the almost nine years the sites have excisted it has always been a joy to know that the man who's work I so truly admire has become a good friend.
             Thank you Drew Struzan!

            As a sort of a 'thank you' gift I made this video showing over 100 of his most iconic posters. 
            Click the link above and please feel free to comment and rate the video.

Earlier Additions

           I finally got my hands on good quality images of two more Indy posters.  Enjoy: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Warehouse Explosion Indy, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Indy with Whip.  If anyone has an equally good quality image of the 'Running Indy' poster, please let me know.
           Also as reference, I added an image of the 'Running Indy' art as well.  If I find a better image, I'll replace it.

           Here Drew magnificent advance poster for Hellboy II - The Golden Army.
           Hi, here's a second poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  More to come soon!!!!!

           The Drew Collectors Page has moved!  Click here

          There's a great movie on YouTube regarding the poster art for the movie 'Blade Runner'.  It comes off the Final Cut Edition Bonus disk and has a double interview with John Alvin and Drew Struzan, both talking about their work on the film.  Lot's of comps and great details on the poster art.  Click the link above.
          What a year it's been for Drew Struzan fans around the world.  And what a start of the New Year it's promising to be.  A new year, a new poster.  Here's Drew first 2008 poster 'Dark Horizon'.

         At last it has arrived!  To round off an extremely busy year for Drew, here's his first new Indy poster in years!  Enjoy his glorious teaser poster artwork for the upcoming 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'.
          Hi all!  Another new Drew poster has arrived.  It's for the upcoming movie 'Sexina Popstar P.I.'
          Finally after 4 years, Drew's superb 2003 artwork for 1982's Classic 'Blade Runner' appears as a poster, celebrating the DVD release of the 25th Anniversary of the movie.

          Three new Drew posters added at once.:
          First I found this very rare poster for the horror movie 'Simon Says'.
          Secondly Drew's very cool advance poster artwork for Frank Darabont's upcoming 'The Mist' movie.
          Third poster comes to my attention thanks to Joe.  It's for the upcoming movie 'The Suit'.
          Have fun and who knows what Drew's got still in store for us.....

           I just added a comment on the Abominable poster, by the film's director Ryan Schifrin.
           See another one sheet for the video release made out off Drew's artwork for Mother Lode.
           I added this Spanish poster for the Charles Bronson movie 'Caboblanco'.
           Being a huge fan of YouTube, I got this all 'Indiana Jones Poster Art by Drew Struzan' movie in, with never before seen Indy stuff!  Now better put those speakers up!  Click the link above.
           I also added Drew's artwork for the Director's Cut Region 1 DVD of 'The Green Mile'.  Hope they decide to make this piece into a poster!         
           To finish the year off, we get this magical new Drew poster for 'Labou'.  Thanks to 'Dog and Rooster Productions' for this great scan! If you want to learn more about this fine movie, go here: ,there's some great wallpaper to upload as well. Enjoy!
           At last some additions to the site.  I added better versions of 'The Great Muppet Caper' and 'Hot Shots Part Deux' along with the second version of his 'Cannonball Run II' poster art.
In addition to that you can also find his 'The Shawshank Redemtion' 10th Anniversary poster.  But the most exciting addition is a 1974 reissue poster of the Marx' Brothers 'Animal Crackers'.  Though this was not an specially commissioned poster for Drew, it is his earliest poster in the list.  Thank you Joe for finding this piece for us!
           Out of the blue comes this new Drew movie poster for an Spanish Comedy 'Torrente 3'!  I also added Drew's cover painting for the DVD of the short movie 'Blood Makes Noise'.
           Drew's brilliant poster for the last instalment of the Star Wars Prequel Saga has arrived!  It's in a bigger format so you can enjoy it even more. Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.
            Enjoy this new poster for 'Abominable'.  Think Big, Think Drew!
            Hellboy's here to protect. Drew's poster is here to knock you off of your feet!  Hellboy
            A much loved late nineties Drew poster has finally been added to the site.  Enjoy 'All's Fair'
           We finally have the extremely rare 'Ladyhawk' poster up for you in a much better image than before!
            Two Drew poster for one movie, how lucky can you get!  After Drew's fun piece for the advance poster for 'Crocodile Hunter' the regular one sheet has finally arrived.