BEERNAERT genealogie

Genealogies of families Beernaert, Bernaert, and related families. They all have their roots in West Flanders, Belgium, or are related to that region.

Searched and linked together by the owner: Ivan Beernaert, Brugge, West Flanders, Belgium. Your questions, comments, corrections or additions are welcome by e-mail to, please take note:

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Nederlandse versie.


Ancestors of myself and my wife. The families Beernaert - Liebaert - Vercruysse - Sercu.


Emigrated families, their ancestors in West Flanders. They represent different emigrated households, with 8663 individuals and 1460 surnames involved. 


Historical context. Meaning of the surname Beernaert. Occurrence in old documents.


Maps with recent geographical spreading of the surname and its variants in Belgium.

Beernaert Izegem

Families Beernaert with origin in Izegem.

Beernaert Rumbeke

Families Beernaert with origin in Rumbeke.

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