Mrs Gray's Menagerie

Taxidermy Art as resurrectred Victorian Memento-mori Imagery.

Annick's Cabinet explores the themes of natural history, mortality and transience of life, focusing on and examining historical artifacts.

It was many and many a year ago...

A fascinating world of preserved natural history.
A biography of an elephant and the developpement of museum displays.

Museum Menagerie blog

Today still not all intricacies of the history of natural sciences are understood and therefore appreciated and certainly the use of taxidermy is no exception. Studying and immersing oneself in the socio-cultural fabric that saw the birth and creation of these artifacts provides a rich and complex context for a better understanding of this unique subject and its extraordinary place in history.

A Garden For The Dead

History, description, photos and links concerning Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, Ile-de-France, France, one of Paris' most beautiful and intriguing cemeteries. Pere Lachaise is the resting place of many notable, famed and eminent citizens such as Marcel Proust, Oscar Wilde, Victor Noir, Fredrick Chopin, Louis David, Georges Bizet, Guillaume Apollinaire, and Edith Piaf.


Puppets, paperworks, casts, dead things, painted scenery, male nude, beauty, illusion, phantasy: all part of the fetish artful universe. Lying between life and death, hybrid creatures and creatures to which hubris gave birth, they all may be liked to fetishes. And as fetishes, they give us, the feeling that a world not ruled by our common laws does exist, a marvelous and uncanny world.

Tattoo Fusion

Intriged by the art of tattoos, my objective is to entice the viewer to look beyond the skin to explore the mood of an image and to guide their perception to open acceptance of unconventional physical fashions as a sophisticated, artistic, and personal choice.