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  Introduction   Warning
Printers Modems
  Printer cables (RS 422)   Serial ports on the Mac
  Printer cables (RS 232)   Serial ports on the PC
  Using non-Apple printers   Null modem cables
  Printer drivers   Modem cables
  Ink cartridges   TAE plugs
Apple desktop bus Audio
  The ADB port   Audio in, microphones,
  PC mouse on the Mac   HiFi Recording
  Booting Macs over the phone   Audio out (loudspeaker)
  Non-Apple monitors on the Mac   Mac - 15p VGA adapters
  Apple monitor-ports   9 pin monitor-plugs
  Apple video-modes   Mac - 9p VGA / 60Hz adapters
  Onboard video   Sun monitor on the Mac
  The sense pins   Fixed frequency monitors
  The Dartech FM-13W3S plug   Monitor-software
  The 15p VGA plug   TV as monitor
  The AV card    
Network Sad Macs
  CapNet   MacPlus and earlier
  CapNet circuits   Mac Portable
  CapNet & Deskwriter   Mac SE & MacII
  Ethernet overview    
  AUI and AAUI    
Memory SCSI
  Introduction to SIMMs   SCSI ports
  Which SIMMs in which Mac?   Powerbook adapter-cables
  SIMMs & software    
  SIMM adapters    
  Level 2 Cache    
Clock Chipping/Upgrading Hard disks
  Marc Schrier's Homepage   Hard disks : warning
  Si   IDE hard disks
  Centris 610    
  Quadra 650    
  Quadra 700    
  Performa 630    
  Chipping the 6100    
  Chipping the P630    
CD-Rom Particular computers
  CD-ROM drives on the Mac   Mac XL
  CD-ROM ToolKit v2.0.1   Mac Plus
  CD-ROM ToolKit patches   Performa 5xx0
      Powermac 4400
Powerbooks Floppy
  PowerBook RUI   Floppy plugs
  PowerBook Duo    
  PCMCIA cards    
Power supplies MIDI
  Q700, vx, si, 71xx a.o.   MIDI port
  The 8xx series   MIDI mini port
  x610, x660, 61x0 series   MIDI (background & theory)
  DuoDock and Powerbook 1xx    
Pocket calculators Newton
  Casio on the mac   Newton general
  HP 48 connection cable   Updating Newton OS 2.0
      Newton batteries
      Newton and modem
  Serial ports on the iMac    
Feed back Mixed
  Mail   Quicktake
      Dos cards
      The parameter RAM battery
Literature WWW
  c't magazine   Other pages on the Web
  c't projects    

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Translation 6/6/2001