Here are notes and descriptions of magical passes as they were shown at various Cleargeen workshops. Some of these were penned down by people from our group, some by other practitioners, some were gathered from the internet, sometimes verified and polished where needed. This collection is intended as a tool to aid beginners as well as more experienced practitioners in learning and memorising the many magical passes.

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When there is being referred to an officially published magical pass, most of the time, only the name of the pass will be mentioned. You can find these passes in the book 'Magical Passes' by Carlos Castaneda or in one of the four video's provided by Cleargreen. Names and dates refer to the workshop where the magical pass was shown.

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The Pyramid of Energy Aligning the Energy Body Storing Energy The Wheel of Dreaming The Fork Breaths Affection Passes
Twirling Energy Buiding the Energy Body Hit Slap Another Wheel of Dreaming Pulling the Horizon Sky Earth Breath

Long forms related
to book and video's
More Dreaming Passes
Stalking Passes
Other Beings
Not-Doing Passes

Mapping & Gazing

The Warrior's Stance The Earth Form Passes to Release Tension The Being from the Sea The Wheel of Time
(Ontario 1998)
Passes for the Face
Recapitulation for 2 partners ° The Confidence of a Warrior Dissolving the solidity of the self* The Being From The Earth The Running Man (Pomona 1998) Mapping the Center of Decisions
Womb Long Form The Warrior's Decision Stalking Personal History The Winged Being ° The Running Man (Berlin 2000) Tracing the Map of the Body
Joining forces for an instant ° Amber Light The Five Point Connection* The Tiger of Intent Unbending Intent (Pomona 1998) Mapping The Night Butterfly
Masculinity Long Form The Warrior's Affection ° Stalking the Self The Night Butterfly* Unbending Purpose (Anaheim 2002) The Gates of Dreaming
Stick Form aka Forging the Dreaming Attention Anaheim Dreaming Pass Tracking Energy Earth Bird Sky The Legs Rule Vitality (Pomona 1998) Mapping Total Perception.
Video Long Form 1 12 Mysterious Passes Tracking Energy Ontario The Butterfly The Legs Rule Vitality Short Version for the recapitulation Olinda
Video Long Form 2 Affection for the Energy Body Tracking Energy Mexico City 2002 The Coyote trail Running Man for the recapitulation Aligning with the Earth
The Heat Series Long Form The Moon Pass Controlled Folly° The Tree (aka facing the oncoming time) Running Man Danced with a partner° Gazing with the ears
In an Instant ° The Moon Pass The Warrior's Gesture of Magical Intent   The Code Mapping the Diagonals
The 5 concerns in a dance The Fundamentals The Crack between the Worlds
Silvio Manuel's Inner Silence Dance Mapping Roots and Branches
Breathing in the Energy for Intent

Long forms with a ° are performed with a partner.


These can be ordered from Cleargreen or at your favourite bookstore. The audiovisuals form a sturdy and extensive base of Magical Passes and Tensegrity techniques.


Book: MAGICAL PASSES - by Carlos Castaneda
1. Intent Series
2. Womb Series

3. Westwood Series (The Series of the Five Concerns) :

- the center of decisions
- the recapitulation
- dreaming
- inner silence

4. Heat Series
5. Masculinity Series
6. Devices used in conjunction with specific Magical Passes.









Vol 1. Twelve Magical Passes to Gather Energy and Promote Well-being
Vol 2. Redistributing Dispersed Energy
Vol 3. Crossing the Phylum






Part 1. The Intent Series (compagnion to the book)
Part 2. The Tiger of Intent Long Form





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