Outlook DLock Description

Outlook DLock allows you to unlock locked attached files in Outlook XP.

Current Test Release : 2.0 Beta 3

Available Languages : English, French & German

Current Stable Version : 1.2.2

Available Languages : English, Italian, French, German, GermanII, Dutch, Czech.

For instance, by default outlook 2000/xp & 2003(Version2) prevents you from extracting attached files with the 'exe' extension from you emails. this behaviour exists for security reasons but can be very annoying when you are sure of the sender and the file. 

You can use this application to 'unlock' the extensions you want in outlook.

I strongly recommend only to unlock the extensions you really need to be unlocked (again for security reasons).

This software does NOT contain spyware.

Special Thanks to Roberto Boriotti for ALPHA & BETA Testing.

The menu is inspired by the one found on http://www.crazybrowser.com/


LAST UPDATE : 28 September 2005