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 What is it?

Sp Uefa is a part of Soccerproject Manager online game. Organised by Soccerproject managers and mentally supported by Soccerproject developers. The present regulation describes the organization of the Sp Uefa.


Only teams from D division and lower may participate in Sp Uefa (the team must be in D division or lower by the start of the country qualifications). For example, the prequalification of your country will start in season x, the team must be in D or lower. If your team is qualified at the end of the season and get promotion to the C-division, there will be no problem to participate for the Uefa.
Every Soccerproject member nation can participate in the Sp Uefa Cup. Partcipating nations must nominate a National Coordinator, who is responsible for National qualification for Sp Uefa Cup and represents his nation in the Sp Uefa Organization process.

 Starting day

Starting day of every new Sp Uefa edition will be the first Saturday of season 22, 24, 26, etc on Soccerproject. A list with the participating teams must be sent to the Sp Organiser (by the national Coördinator) at least 7 days before starting day.

 Competition format

New Format

The Cl and the Uefa are now combined. Some teams from the Cl can go to the Uefa. How does the new schedule looks like?

The Cl starts with 64 teams. They all play 2 games (a home-game and a return). The 32 winners will go to the next round, for the 32 other teams the Cl is over.
Round 2 is another knock-out round, 32 teams will fight in one game to decide who is going to the pool-games. We will have 16 teams at the end of round 2, devided over 4 pools with 4 teams. The 16 teams who didn't reach the next round will go to the Uefa.

For the Uefa we also start with 64 teams. By a knock-out-round we will bring this number to 32 teams. The 16 teams from the Cl also play an extra knock-out-round to have 8 teams.
32 teams + 8 teams = 40 teams = 8 groupes with 5 teams each. Every team will play against eachother and only the numbers 1 and 2 go the the next round, the 1/8-finals.
After the 1/8-finals we have the 1/4-finals, the semi-finals to end with the final.

Each country has 1 season time to find their teams.



 Distribution of places

64 teams will fight for the final victory. Every nation will start with a minimum of 2 teams. The nations may choose by themself how they will determine there teams for the Sp Uefa.
During the Sp Uefa Cup, teams can earn points for their country to have extra places for the next Uefa Edition. Extra places in the Sp Uefa Cup are distributed by the results to those nations who have participated in the previous edition. Every club can earn points for his nation: 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie plus additional points for reaching next level of tournament (every level adds 1 point). In the last FrC teams only will earn points according to there final place: 10 points for the winner, 8 points for the 2nd, 6 points for number 3 and 4 points for the last place).
Extra places are distributed according to the share of points per team (all nation points divided by number of participating clubs).